eSchool Application Engine Privacy Policy

We don't share your data with others
  • Application submission data is only made available to the intended recipient - i.e. school, institution, agent, etc.
  • We may make exception if requested by local law enforcement or legally required to do so.
We don't keep your data
  • Web applications are automatically deleted periodically, but can be delayed if a submitted form has not yet been downloaded by the intended recipient.
  • We may store aggregated non-personal data for the purposes of statistics and promotion - i.e. last month we received X applications from Y country who were of Z gender.
  • Agent logins will be retained for extended periods to allow continued use of the system, but will automatically be deleted after an extended period of inactivity.
We provide access to your data
  • On each application, we may automatically email you a link (depending if your application contains an email address) so you can view and edit your data (for as long as we hold it).
  • The link may also be sent to your agent and intended recipient so they can assist you.
We don't track you
  • Cookies are only used for agent logins. If you don't login through the agent portal, your browser won't even receive a cookie.
  • Our web server logs web request headers including your IP for security purposes, but it is not connected to the logic of the application system and these logs are periodically deleted.
We won't exploit you
  • We won't advertise to you.
  • We won't add you to our mailing list.
  • We won't sell or share your personal data to other interested parties.
We follow best practices
We may make changes to the privacy policy
  • Improvements, procedures, policies, errors, omissions and mistakes happen. As such, it is likely we will need to make changes to this document from time to time.
  • We won't attempt to notify you if this document is changed. There isn't a mailing list for the purpose and your data may already be deleted. It is up to you to periodically review and decide if this document continues to meet your needs.